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Commitment To Those We Serve

The American Fireman: Facing the Enemy 1858
The American Fireman: Facing the Enemy 1858 Photo Currier & Ives

Sitting in the office reminiscing about the days when I got my start; 29 years ago, to be exact. Little did I know, there would be a world filled with challenges awaiting me in Fire and Emergency Services. We often take life for granted, awakening every morning to call this business a life calling, helping people on their worst day, putting on the uniform to represent a department or organization that little kids look up too and getting to play with big bright shiny firetrucks. But wait…

You see, the average firefighter spends thousands of hours training to hone his/her craft, because that’s what has been instilled in you from the start of your career; learning from the old salty dog who rode tailboard back in the good ole days! What the old salty dog failed to explain to your younger self is the fact that you will hit many roadblocks along the way with cultural change, organization change and industry change.

Yes, everyone talks about change, but those old salty dogs had no clue what was about to happen in the future, leaving us youngsters at the time to figure it out on our own. Our obstacles/challenges that we face today had not even began to surface 29 years ago, so preparing ourselves for the next 29 years puts a burden on those of us who take this career seriously.

It really all boils down to this…you have one chance to make things right! What I mean by this is that it takes one major malfunction in the planning process to watch the walls crumble. When the walls crumble, you are faced with tragedy and chaos, wondering what your next move will be. You will often ask yourself; how did we get here? Or where do we go from here? However, if you dedicate your heart and soul to the people that serve under you and the community your serve, you have a great chance at getting it right the first time around. Take it for what it’s worth, but don’t let failure be the reason you hang up your helmet, your people are counting on you.

Jeremy Rebok, CFO, BS, CPS

Consultant, Battalion1Consultants

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