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Evaluation of an organization's programs and services provides B1C with an insight into the structure, policies, and processes utilized within the organization. B1C will focus on the four "P's" (Policies, Programs, Procedures, and Plans).

Evaluations include but are not limited to the following:
  • Quality Assurance and Improvements (QA/QI).
  • Organizations application for and maintaining National Accreditation.
  • Organizations Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating for their community.
  • Community Risk Assessment / Standards of Cover (CRASOC).
  • NFIRS Coding and Reporting.
  • And much more...
Evaluations are vital to identifying the gaps, but knowing what to do next is essential. Developing programs that enhance the organization's structure reduces risk, improves the quality of service delivery, applies fiscal responsibility, and enhances the relationship with internal and external customers.  B1C takes an all-in attitude from evaluations to program development. Building relationships with our clients is vital to understanding how the client works while guiding them along with courses of action with a positive outcome.

Organizational Program development includes but is not limited to the following items:
  • Training Program Development (quarterly, annual, and task books).
  • NFIRS Program and Procedure development.
  • Community Risk Reduction (CRR).
  • Community Wildland Prevention Program (CWPP).
  • Health & Wellness programs (NFPA 1500).
  • Strategic Plan development and Goal Setting techniques.
  • Apparatus and equipment maintenance programs.
  • And much more...
Leadership development, coaching, and mentoring are critical areas of focus that are often overlooked in the American Fire Service. With ever-changing culture, generational gaps, and increasing administrative tasks, we must focus on LEADERSHIP for successful measures. Organizational enhancement and functionality begin with LEADERSHIP. B1C takes a holistic approach to sit one-on-one and provide detailed programs and approaches to lead in today’s fire service. B1C will expand the thought process while we dive into achieving actionable outcomes that benefit your organization.

Leadership development includes but is not limited to the following items:
  • Functional Leadership
  • One on One Coaching and Mentoring
  • Organizational QA/QI Micro-Training Sessions
  • And much more...
Compliance training covers the following topics:
  • OSHA Outreach Training
  • CPR/AED First Aid & AVERT (Active Shooter)
  • Emergency Warden Certification Program
  • And much more...

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